• Agility 敏捷式管理

    Not just for Projects, it's how you run the company!

    不只用在專案上, 使用在公司管理上更是出色!

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我們的部落格是關於0與1以及人, 這是一個企業網站的範本, 也是我們用來分享的blog.

我們將討論關於科技, 企業文化, 我們的專業, 以及敏捷式的管理 (用於專案以及企業經營), 以及其它項目.

“分享”是我們公司的企業文化之一, 我們希望籍由這個blog來做到, 更重要的是您的參與以及評論, 我們一起 “Ask Different, Think Different, and Make a Difference.”

我們希望您喜歡我們的內容與服務, 如果您有任何問題或者指教, 請聯絡我們的版主


01uni 敬上


This site is about 0, 1, and Others.

It’s a Blog and Sharing website. It’s about our Culture and what we believe, it’s about our Practice, and it’s about our Clients and how we love working with them.

We love to share what we learned, and we love your comments, together we can make a difference!

01uni is a service company that based on 3 principles (and a few others): Agility, Communication, and Innovation. Most of the posts in this site will be based on these principles.

We hope you enjoy the content of the site and fee free to contact our Blog Master if you have any questions.